X-Cam Multirotor LED Navigationsset_12112
  • X-Cam Multirotor LED Navigationsset_12112

X-Cam Multirotor LED Navigationsset

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Komplett-Set mit Beleuchtung, Unterspannungsalarm und RC Controller

The New X-CAM Multi-rotor LED set is the perfect orientation and navigation add on for any multi-rotor aircraft. The Led boards are designed to match motor bolt patterns, allowing for direct fitment on the bottom of the motor mounts. The set has a total of 8 LED channels and comes with 6 blue and 2 red LED’s. The LED driver board can accept a wide voltage range from 7.4~22.2V and has a flashing low voltage alarm built in. The LEDs can also be controlled Via an RC channel for ON/OFF and flashing operation.

• 8CH LED set for multi-rotors up to Octo
• Built in low voltage flashing alarm
• RC ON/OFF/Flashing control
• Long pre-made wiring
• Motor Mountable LEDs

Voltage: 7.4~22.2V input RC: 3 position switch control
Channels: 8 LED channels 6 blue 2 red
Cable Length: 700mm per lead
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