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D-MG16 Servo Metalgetriebe_727
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D-MG16 Servo Metalgetriebe

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2.9kg/.08sec/18.8g (Ersatzservo zu 1/16 RC Cars)
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(Ersatzservo zu 1/16 RC Cars)

Our new favourite servo. The D-MG16 packs a high-torque punch while weighing less than 20g!
Excellent for park-flyers.
The D-MG16 is a very popular item in Korea and Japan, due mainly to its high torque, small size and precision movement.

Model: D-MG16 (Digital/metal gear)
Weight: 18.8g
Torque: 2.9kg @6v
Speed: .08sec
Voltage: 4.8 to 6v
Size: 29 x 11.2 x 29mm
Gear: Metal

This servo is not to be used with Gyro's.
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